Saturday, April 16, 2011

Application & Vendor Info

☼✸☼✸☼ HUNT RULES & TERMS ☼✸☼✸

ALL vendors will be required to be in the Sand & Sun Hunt group. We will NOT be using a subscribe-o-matic for this hunt. Please do not apply if this is not acceptable. You may use your alt in the group. You will be required to stay in the group from your acceptance date through the end of the hunt.

We will visit your store before accepting you. Original content creators only - stores must not have more than 25% resale vendors. The first 100 vendors who qualify will be accepted. Others may be added to a waiting list in the event that spaces become available.

The hunt item will be set to sell contents for $L0 with the next LM inside. Please do not change any settings on the prim: no added scripts, touch, etc. We want consistent names and sell styles.

Your hunt gift may be any original creation related to the beach, or Summer season. You MUST provide either a unisex item or both a MALE & FEMALE gift. A full perm photo of your hunt gift IS required for the blog. If this is not acceptable, please do not apply.

SPONSORS: If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please mark that selection on the application and we will contact you for further information. Only 20 sponsor slots will be available. There is a one-time sponsorship fee of $L500. If you are accepted as a sponsor, you will receive a top 20 position in the hunt, your logo will appear as a sponsor on the hunt blog, and will also be displayed at the starting location in Atherstone Mall.

TO APPLY: Please copy the section below to a new notecard and rename: S&SH (Store Name) - (Your Name) and send the completed application to Rosalynne Writer or Kucinta Moody. The deadline to apply is May 30th. No applications will be accepted after this date.

☼✸☼✸☼✸☼ S&SH APPLICATION ☼✸☼✸☼✸

Shop Name:

Owner Name:

Alternate Contact (optional):

To whom should hunt objects/signs etc be sent if not the shop owner? (Please be sure this is a reliable person who will pass you the objects and information you need in a timely manner):


SLurl: (NOT a second copy of the landmark):

Store Blog/Website (if any):

Sim Rating:

Is age verification required to teleport onto the sim?:


Would you be willing to volunteer for:
(mark x if you'd help with any of these areas)

___Sending in picture of prize & COPY of prize for blogger gift area/blogger box.

___Moderating group chat to help assist lost or confused hunters with questions

___Advertising the hunt on your store blog

___Apply to sponsor the hunt (Please read sponsorship info under hunt rules.)

___Bloggers: Blogging the hunt for publicity

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